Your Ultimate Local Guide to Singapore

The island-country has numerous attractions thus captivate many foreign tourists to visit Singapore.

One of the best cities as well as countries to visit in Asia, Singapore is the fifth wealthiest country in Southeast Asia. Other than being classified as alpha global city, which is something to do with being a hub for global economy network, Singapore is the only Asian country that achieves AAA sovereign credit rating. It indicates the stability of the country’s economy thus it is no surprise for Singapore to be called as Asian Tiger, together with Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan.

Planning to travel to Singapore?

Foreign tourists are cordially welcomed to visit Singapore. Since this is a small island country and a highly developed city, visiting Singapore is super safe and not tricky. If you have decided to visit Singapore, search for flight tickets at either official website or Traveloka application.

Singapore has a modern and well-equipped international airport that serves flights to and from various international destinations. Book your flight tickets through Traveloka for the easiest and most comprehensible online transaction. Searching and booking the tickets may not be a problem but, getting into the city could be a worry especially if you are a first timer in Singapore.

However, not to worry when you can grab the best deals on airport transfer Singapore online at Traveloka. Once you touch down, you do not have to worry since your airport transfer is already at the entrance of the airport to pick you up. If you prefer to move by a train, you can also book Changi Airport MRT ticket at Traveloka. The trains, buses and any kind of public transport in Singapore are very efficient. Having these kind of facilities helps your vacation in Singapore to run smoother.

Have fun the local way in Singapore!

Universal Studio Singapore

There are so many interesting attraction spots for you to discover. First and foremost, the one-of-its-kind theme park in Asia, Universal Studio Singapore (USS) which is in Sentosa Gateway, Singapore. Make sure to allocate one full day, morning till evening, for you to discover all the 28 exciting rides and explore all the enchanting themed zones as well as watching all the shows. The entertainments provided are not only to captivate the adults but also the children and to make sure that every visitor having a splendid time here.

Marina Bay

The second most popular in Singapore is Marina Bay that is located in  Bayfront Ave, Singapore. What is so famous in here is its light and water show called Spectra. Come by at night before the show starts. You will be in awe watching the short movie projected on the sea water as well as the dancing water show, where the water spouts in choreography simultaneously to a music melody. Yes, Singapore is always a milestone away especially in technology advancement.

Many more to explore!

Next, you can plan to visit a few more popular spots such as Singapore Zoo and Night Safari, experience checking in to the posh 7 stars hotel of Marina Bay Sands Singapore and a few more.

Things to remember though...

Research! Research! Research!

Prior before flying to any destination, you are highly advised to make your readings especially on the travel tips in order to make you anticipate a few things about the place you are going. Singapore is influenced by the typical tropical climate. It has a significant amount of rainfall so you would better ready with a raincoat or an umbrella while touring around the city. The driest months are from March to August yet, that is the peak period of tourism in Singapore when the hotel rate and flight ticket could fluctuate up high. However, aim for the end of the season, which is July to August, where you can have an affordable flight ticket and hotel rate. Singapore has a uniform temperature throughout the year that ranges around 26 to 32 degree Celcius, so you know the proper and comfortable clothes to pack on. You are also advised to not wearing too revealing clothes as Asian concerns on that matter.

Safety first!

Although Singapore has been known to be one of the safest countries to travel to, but you always have to keep in check of the unexpected. Make sure when you are in awe of the beauty Singapore has to offer, you keep your bags close. Do not show yourself to be a tourist because that could be the things that make you a target. Ensure you have your emergency contacts on your body and keep your passports in safe reach. If you are travelling with children, makes sure they are close where you can see them. Some times we can get lost in the moment and when we are distracted, things can go sideways very easily.

Checklist comes a long way

Checklist can be restricting when it comes to going on a holiday, but it is actually helpful to keep things in check. When you start taking your trip here, it is best to have a checklist of pre-travel, during travel and post-travel purposes. Now, you don’t have to be too strict with your checklist, just a simple important things you have to take into considerations and bring with you. Try some of them below!


  1. Visa
  2. Passport
  3. Boarding pass
  4. Airport do’s and don’ts
  5. List of attractions to visit
  6. Accommodation
  7. Etc.

During Travel

  1. Sense of direction to key places for safety, food, leisure, etc.
  2. Emergency contact number of your embassy and local authorities
  3. Scheduling your time with your visits
  4. Etc.


  1. Souvenirs!
  2. Final check for return travel like passport, check-ins, etc.
  3. Ensuring nothing is left behind!
  4. Take a good wrap up photo for the road.

Hope you see you here in Singapore! Our Merlion welcomes you!

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